Peepal Tree,Tea and Charcha

Air fills with Uncontrollable swirl of laughter during charcha hours (charcha is to discuss about various issues) around Peepal tree, tree which has been listening to them, with curiosity since over 100 years.It might have witnessed the lifetime journey of innumerable people. It’s so unlikely city life, where,unfortunately, we do not get time to talk to our neighbours also, forget about sitting over a cup of tea to just talk about variety of issues!!Such gathering reflects its own beauty of strong social support, no-one feels alone-left out in a village here. It’s quite a common view to see relaxed people sitting around a peepal tree, around a bonfire to talk.You can feel air filled with peace with its Pristine beauty of calm environment, birds chirping early in the morning, lush green trees all around , lush green fields with seasonal crops, so refreshing to inhale pure air, so mesmerizing to see the crystal clear sky with picturesque patterns.Here, Dawn-dusk-mid-day-night-all are same. Silence of the nature can be heard. Life whirs by a whisper! It’s so peaceful &quiet that you can hear your own voice. It is rightly said, “Soul of India lives in its villages.”

Life is simple, yet enriching, life is slow, yet people are fast to reach out for each other’s help, life has limitations, yet simplicity is enjoyed, life is not convenient, yet life is close to nature where homemade delicacies are celebrated to its fullest. I have been staying in a village since few months, silently observing the nuances of daily life. 

Change in behavior of a child, the moment he puts his foot in a village pleasantly surprised me.Regular push to go out to play has taken backseat. Now, child is searched for, as so many places are there to explore, to take a stroll along with camera in hand to capture the real beauty of nature, to play, to enter any house without prior notice and have delicious home-made delights. Such welcoming are people here!! It’s a learning environment for Kids. How less is more can be learnt very well. He comes back happily to show how he captured the photo of age old tree, people playing cricket, tree looking like huge Christmas tree, birds flying in unison. He is the same child who used to be pushed to go out but push never worked. Now, everything is happening on its own without a buzz. Food habits got adjusted to homemade regular simple food with no possibility of food delivery. I feel relieved when I see that environmental change has created a space where there is no need to push. It gave me another perspective -Children’s initial inclination towards gadgets starts due to boredom, loneliness, no friends to play with. Gadgets gives an opportunity to make friends, likes on posts boosts self-esteem hence, slowly, reason to be on mobile gets diluted leading to dependency. Once again, my hands-on experience reconfirms my belief that environmental factors play a vital role towards advancement and betterment in our lives. 

You cannot judge the beauty of a particular path just by looking at the gate

-Paulo Coelho  


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