Why do I feel so helpless sometimes?
Helplessness hopelessness so profound
Am I the only one who feels so?
As if nothing is in my control
As if life is slipping away in a flow
Life seems so bleak
So meaningless seems life
what to do and what not to do
Are thoughts my mind prevails
What am I doing here in this world?
Is the question profound
Why do I feel so helpless sometimes?
Helplessness hopelessness so profound
Why is it tough to communicate with some?
Why does it feel as if nothing seems to affect some?
Whatever you say doesn't seem to make sense
Arrogance and stubbornness are ornaments for some
Love, respect, care, and compassion are mere words for fun
Who cares and who doesn't do I know
Superficiality is at its peak to flaunt
Whom to trust and whom to rely upon I hardly know
I came alone, will go alone too
Why worry and why ponder upon mere existence
Let me find a meaning
Meaning of my life
Purpose of my life to sail through
Life may seem unfair many times
Yet don't say quit
Take a break but say not to quit
Quit what is not in our control
Leaving behind uncontrollable aspects of life
Moment of silence gives me a choice
The choice to put a pause at everything the way it is
Because at times it's better to leave, not to quit but
To attend to it later with clarity
To move ahead towards purpose in life
To move towards independence
To move towards mere freedom
Take a break but say no to quit


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