Days, months, and years flew away
 Yet it never feels so
When life seems difficult
When nothing seems clear
When confusion is profound
Which way to found
Friend like you come to rescue
Without saying a word
You make me laugh
When I am on verge of tears
You seem to see my fear
When I am unable to bear
No words are needed to convey 
What I feel what I am going through
You seem to understand 
Just by listening to my voice
You stand by my side when days are gloomy
You listened to me with 
No intention of judgments to be passed
Your support is unmatched yet
You never hesitate to scold me when I am wrong
You help me look within to mend the mistakes
I might have made
You never say no-no to listen to my sob stories
You attentively hear my sobs  
My friend words are not enough
To say what I found
Your presence in my life is precious
You give me the strength to move on
I suppose this is what we call
Friends forever found
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Stay Safe,  

Best Wishes,  
Pallavi Sahu  

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