An Invisible Girl

One fine day, while walking towards my home, I felt as if someone is crying. I walked towards the meek sound. I saw a girl with long shiny hair and with beautiful big eyes filled with tears. Tears that might have burst out without her permission. I sat beside her without uttering a word. She kept crying for some more time. Till then, I waited patiently. Who are you? She asked while wiping her tears. Why are you sitting next to me? Am I visible to you? She asked. Of course, you are visible to me, dear, I replied. She was not ready to believe my words. She said, for everyone, I am invisible. Then why do you even care? She continued to pour her heart out. I kept listening. She hugged me without saying goodbye. Nevertheless, she gave me a lesson that it’s enough to gain strength to move on if we have someone to listen to us, even if the problem remains as such.

Once there was a girl, a girl with shiny black hair
A girl with sparkling blue eyes, yet she was visible to none
Invisible to her parents, invisible to her teachers
Invisible to her neighbors, invisible to her classmates
Friends, people she knew, the list is endless to name a few
Invisibility was her reality, reality bitter to taste 
She was sad. So, one day, she questioned herself
Why am I invisible to others?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is it the way I walk, the way I talk?
What wrong have I done?
I am never mean to anyone
Nor have I ever hurt anyone
I respect children and elders too
Yet Why am I invisible to many of them?
I have a pair of eyes, nose, ears, hands, legs, and a mouth
As for everybody to fit in the norm
Yet Why am I an invisible misfit?
I am there or not 
I live or die; it doesn’t matter because I am invisible to all
Yes, I realize I don’t have a voice
I am seen as a trash 
Do we remember the trash? No- who cares! Its already thrown
And yet again, I go back to being invisible
I neither oppose nor do I  shout 
Am I a foot mat to wipe your flaws?
She was confused. She thought to herself
Why don’t I ever reciprocate?
Why don’t I shout? Why don’t I stand for myself?
She asked herself. Again, and again.
She found the answer in a subtle desire
Desire to feel wanted, desire to be alive
That she matters, people do care
She probed deep and found
Maybe I get a moment of being recognized
Moment of being visible
Only when I am a trash
Only when I am a mat
Only when classmates bully 
Only when others mock
Only then I feel my existence, that I am also living
Breathing, breathing like all others around
Moment of visibility, at a prize of my dignity, is a heavy price to pay
She still is entangled in a web of questions
I wonder why being visible is so important for me?
Is it human need to survive in this society?
Or, is it to degrade those without a voice?
Many questions are there which she needs to face
To make her name, out of crisis within
To be a voice, voice for unheard and invisible
She must face the tough questions about life
Life as beautiful as a rose with thorns

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Pallavi Sahu  

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