Screaming Mind

Life seems to slip away from the grip
Like sand slipping away if you trip
Tighter the grip faster the slip
Yet no one may care even if you dare
For I, me, myself prevails, everything else goes in vain
In situations such as these, whether to hold or let it be
May be the matter profound
You want to scream yet you can’t
For your mind is screaming
You want to cry yet you can’t 
For your mind is sobbing
Mind plays the game so refined as mind only knows
When No one knows deep wound behind
Behind a happy face put in some kind
Who knows what goes inside?
Who knows how many battles in mind are won upright?
Let me stay, says the unheard voices
Let me stay in your mind, mind where you fear none of the kind
You are free, free from the clutches of being unheard
Where you are loved, where you are heard
You want to scream, you want to cry
Even want to run away if you might but can you?
Scream, cry, and do what you may like
For I give you freedom
I give voice to unheard you
Mind is a stage, perform as you please
You create a world within you to help unwind
Unwind from the external mental hazards
Giving you the energy to move on
Giving you the power to say no
No to injustice from who may it be
Who knows how many battles of mind have I won?

Best Wishes,
Pallavi Sahu

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