Fear of Death

Fear of death in desperate moments such as these is verily obvious
Desperation to flee, flee for life
Leaving every precious and not so precious belonging behind
Does it raise a question profound-what matters other than being alive?
For nothing really matters, for people need to run
Run to live a life of dignity, as dignity is matter profound
Fear to be caged with no voice of own,
Says a thousand words untold 
That everything is perishable everything is temporary
That desperate moment echoes the fleeting nature of everything we create
That attachment to perishable amounts to suffering and loss
That love, care and respect for each other is what matters, for things are fleeting and may shatter
That minimalism is what we need to aspire for, as less is more we need to imbibe
That living in present moment is what brings joy, as no one knows when death knocks at our door
That fear of death is unmatched, as terror and fear says the story attached
That when terror is created in the mindset, live or die are the choices to be found
That no terror can take away the freedom, freedom to choose 
Choose to live in fear or choose to flee, flee to live a life of dignity
No one can take away the freedom, freedom to choose one’s attitude towards life
Stay Safe,
Best wishes
Pallavi Sahu


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