Overdose of Positivity

There is no doubt that pandemic has shaken the human community in a way never witnessed before. It has forced us to revisit our ways of leading life as if we are immortal. We have recently encountered human tragedy at its peak in our country-it looked like an apocalypse. Sometime back, the whole atmosphere witnessed hopelessness and helplessness. Nevertheless, slowly and steadily, we are moving towards the new normal. Pandemic clearly gave us a loud and clear message that we cannot control everything. So, why not focus on things which are in our control?

Along with the pandemic came mental health crisis. Nevertheless, how would you react if you are flashed with positivity throughout your day?

I am sure you would agree that nowadays, every next post is about positivity. It leads to the question-how much positivity is too much? You must be wondering why such a question? How can positivity be toxic or noxious? How can positive be negative? Let’s have a glimpse of the concept of yin-yang. It is the concept of duality forming a whole. That means if there is positivity then there will be pairing negativity. But as nothing is absolute, when one aspect increases, the other decreases to maintain the overall balance of the whole. Being and non-being produce each other. Long and short define each other.

We are meant to face good as well as bad times in our lives. We must know the negative to be appreciative of the positive. It is also the reality that we just cannot be positive all the time. It is okay to not feel okay sometimes. It is also okay to shut down to take our own time to grief, to finally go on with our lives

Life goes on-Everything will be fine-Focus on the present- are few messages we feel like holding on to. For Instance, someone has lost their close ones recently. Then in such a scenario, do you think such non-stop exposure to positive quotes will help in the period of grieving? In my opinion, certainly not!

If someone has lost near and dear ones recently then it is better not to say anything. Give people sufficient time to grief than talking about positivity all the time. Being positive in life is good but, out of proportion anything is bad, like traffic and smoke on the road, sugar or salt in food, too much money in pocket, too much time on gadgets, sometimes too much talking can also cost you, in the same manner, too much positivity can be noxious.

Looking at the stuff internet is filled with now the days-bombardment of positive quotes, it’s the sane thing to do if we chose to stay away from social media during the phase of grieving. It is better to talk to people than scroll. Everyone chooses to grief in their ways-some prefer to talk it out but some are not looking for positivity all the time, neither are they looking for someone to talk with. They just want to feel the grief without forcing themselves to gain strength from temporary positive quotes or lines.

They might gain strength from the passing phase of grieving. They might gain strength if close ones are there to just be there-without lectures, advice, judgements. Sometimes, we do not need advice, sometimes we just don’t need any kind of imposed positivity. Sometimes we just want time to pass as it is. It is not necessary that all the time we need to answer if the glass is half empty or half full?” to get a glimpse at our perspective towards numerous circumstances in our lives. Sometimes, glass is just a glass because the events and situations that people encounter throughout life are only one piece of the puzzle.

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Thank you for your time and patience.

Stay Safe
Pallavi Sahu

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