When Time To Leave Arrives

When you know your time has come
Time to leave this world - time to leave your body
Let the soul be at peace even so, can it be at peace?
It may depend on the deeds you did during your stay
At such moments, innumerable thoughts may cross your mind
Flashback of your life may play non-stop
Whole life’s journey can be relived in a while
What you did how you did why you did may find lucidity now
Where you won where you lost may find acceptance for now
What was worth and what was not may be realized
What mistakes were committed and what lessons were learned may be found
Have you lived your life or just passed it till the end may find it’s answers
Did you invest to add an asset, or did you invest in building the relations
The answer may either cloud you with regret or satisfaction
Were you mean to others or kind may be confronted 
If you were always running you may find your way now
You may ask yourself-why I was running and for what?
The time comes when we need to pause and reflect upon our lives
Let that time be now 
Not when your time comes to leave

Stay Safe,

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