The Chosen Path

Scary yet empowering
Frightful yet enriching
Walking the chosen path asks for dare
For path decorated with obstacles which you may fear
Speak or not, think or pause may tear you apart
Wait and watch your steps as your path unfold
As rebel is the new tag you may have been told
You may bow your head to accept!
Accept a rebel in you with a zeal 
Zeal to search for a path unknown
Where the mind is not a puppet for some
Where puppets are not trained for fun
Where trained are not caged for anyone
As, mind, our beautiful mind
Knows no boundaries, no creed, no caste
And no fear 
You may seize my belongings
You may take away my assets
But, how can you cage my mind?
How can you stop me from thinking?
Sculptor of my mind am I
I carve I give a shape to the mind-mind
As boundless as a sky
As deep as an ocean
As curious as a monkey 
As calm as a sleeping baby, we found
I have chosen a path
For I am because I think
How can you take away my thoughts?


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