Train to Nowhere-A Poem

Being on the mind train says it all
Welcome to the train to nowhere
Train of incessant thoughts
Thoughts that never even halts

Train as fast as the light
As enchanting as being in beloved arms
As venomous as the embrace of a serpent
For giving a ride unasked for

Non-stop train pulls you along 
Parceling you to the world unknown
A train that pulls you along
Along to the world of demons once known

Compliant rider of incessant train
Received a jolt when found frowned
Why did I board the train?
Why didn’t I quit?
Why do I feel compelled to catch an unending train?

Thereupon, you hardly attempt to stop
Stop the train of thoughts non-stop
For regular trains let you halt
Halt at the destination of one’s choice
For you may buy a ticket or not
It is meant to be stopped somehow

But unknowingly you boarded a train unknown
A train that never stops
Leaving you with no choice but to abide

Until you chose to fight back
You chose to jump off the train to nowhere
You chose to be a spectator of your thoughts
For you have no intent to catch again
Again, the train that goes round-the-clock
Train to nowhere is here
Do you want to catch or jump off?

Have a wonderful day!
Pallavi Sahu

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2 thoughts on “Train to Nowhere-A Poem

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