Conversation Between Guru and Shishya About Happiness

Guru asked his Shishya, ‘why are you not looking happy?’

‘What is there to be happy about Guruji,’ asked Shishya cautiously.

Guru replied by saying, ‘be happy like flowing water. Be happy for no reason.’

Shishya was puzzled, yet he didn’t show his ignorance at once. He asked Guruji one more question.’ How can I smile and laugh without any reason to do so?’ Shishya asked hesitantly.

‘Do you think happiness means smiling and laughing?’ asked Guruji firmly.

‘Okay, let me explain to you. But in the end, you would be required to tell me if happiness is external or internal,’ said Guruji.

‘Okay, as you command Guruji,’ bowed the Shishya and started listened attentively.

Guruji described, ‘look at this stream of water flowing down smoothly from the mountains. It must have traveled endlessly for long without any expectations. Although in the end, it loses its own identity to merge into the depth of a river. Nothing stopped the stream from flowing, not even the reality that she is on the journey where she would lose her identity, yet she kept moving with immense love and happiness in her heart.’

‘So, what have you understood?’ asked Guruji immediately.

‘Hmmm! Not much except that stream flowed happily without any motive or questions in mind. That means it surrendered,’ answered Shishya reluctantly.

‘Yes, you are right! But there is more to it. And you also need to understand now that happiness cannot be found outside, like a stream of water. It is internal. If you look for reasons to be happy, it might be short-lived. For once the reason for being happy disappears, happiness also vanishes. So, practice cherishing being happy without any reason. For the reasons are short-lived, moments are not,’ explained Guruji patiently.

It took some time for Shishya to really grasp whatever Guruji said. Yet, he decided to move towards the journey of self exploration to create happiness.

Best wishes

Pallavi Sahu

About the Author- 

She is a Child and Adolescent Rehabilitation Psychologist with an experience of over 14 years in the field of Mental Health (Rehabilitation Council of India Licensed Professional). She writes about various aspects related to mental health and more @ pausementalwellnessstudio founded by her. She is M.Phil. in Rehabilitation Psychology. She is also trained in remedial intervention, PREP, and COGENT Programs. She has four Publications to her name. She started her career as a Probation Officer at Observation Home for Boys in a Juvenile Aid Centre. Since then, she has served as a psychologist in various settings. Presently, she is working as a health and wellness expert at St Peter’s High School. She is the founder of Locus-Psychology & Education. She is better known as an expert in dealing with specific learning disabilities, behavioural problems, and emotional issues of children and adolescents. She has expertise in the area of counselling, psychotherapy, and specific learning disorder.

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