Festival Such as Life – A Poem

As the ordinary day progresses This day shall pass too As mundane as always Or festive mood may sway The choice is yours at all times Remain in pyjamas Or dress in colourful attire if you may please Binge-watch endlessly Or connect with loved ones for feel Be a part of the festivity spread around …

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Fear of Death

Fear of death in desperate moments such as these is verily obvious Desperation to flee, flee for life Leaving every precious and not so precious belonging behind Does it raise a question profound-what matters other than being alive? For nothing really matters, for people need to run Run to live a life of dignity, as …

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If you may give

If you may giveGive away grudges held for longTo free yourself from the clutches of the sinnerGive the forgiveness pending for longMore you forgive more will be the moment of peaceLet peace fills your life with long due happinessIf you may giveGive away your anger as it is no gift to keepWrath of anger does …

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An Invisible Girl

One fine day, while walking towards my home, I felt as if someone is crying. I walked towards the meek sound. I saw a girl with long shiny hair and with beautiful big eyes filled with tears. Tears that might have burst out without her permission. I sat beside her without uttering a word. She …

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