Fear of Death

Fear of death in desperate moments such as these is verily obvious Desperation to flee, flee for life Leaving every precious and not so precious belonging behind Does it raise a question profound-what matters other than being alive? For nothing really matters, for people need to run Run to live a life of dignity, as …

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Why were we not taught about this?

Institution of marriage and the role of being a parent From the moment you are born, you anticipate passing through numerous stages of overall development through learning. From learning to hold the neck firmly to walking, from babbles to sentences, from chewing objects to turning them around. You are always learning something, even if not …

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Could we live in a world without rules?

Why do we need rules? Society has a crucial role to play for what we are, what we do, and how we get what we want. We cannot do whatever we feel like, or our mind desires to-we are stopped or restricted by rules. According to Evolutionary Psychology, people today still seek those traits that …

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