Are You Holding a Grudge?

Who hasn’t been hurt ever in their lives? You might have felt terrible at some point in your life. Children feel awful when they get scolding by their parents. Parents may also feel hurt when children say something inappropriate to them. Sometimes a simple conversation between partners takes a dramatic turn of accusations and blame …

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If you may give

If you may giveGive away grudges held for longTo free yourself from the clutches of the sinnerGive the forgiveness pending for longMore you forgive more will be the moment of peaceLet peace fills your life with long due happinessIf you may giveGive away your anger as it is no gift to keepWrath of anger does …

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Why is it important to imbibe silence in our day-to-day lives?

We are surrounded by sounds or noises almost all the time - the whistle from a pressure cooker, loud sound from television, or unbearable noise from repeated honking. We are not only addicted to noise but to hurry also. Due to our rushed lives, we fail to acknowledge the value of a silence. For ages, …

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Is My Anger Getting Me What I Want?

Have you ever felt so angry that you lost control over yourself? If so then, pause for a minute and try to remember what you did when you were very angry. Did you shout? Did you throw things? Did you hit someone? Whatever might be your reaction due to your anger, you must have felt …

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