Emptiness- A Poem

Void in my heart echoes the deserted lookNight engulfs in its armsWaves of scars and wounds so intense ariseWhen street wraps itself in mournful gloomBearing a gaze of stealth & grimBird-of-night stares from afarWhen the sun shines brightNobody could peep into affliction I bearWith disguise so fine-happy smiling face of mineFor I endured my pain …

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Conversation Between Guru and Shishya About Happiness

Guru asked his Shishya, ‘why are you not looking happy?' ‘What is there to be happy about Guruji,' asked Shishya cautiously. Guru replied by saying, ‘be happy like flowing water. Be happy for no reason.' Shishya was puzzled, yet he didn't show his ignorance at once. He asked Guruji one more question.' How can I …

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