It’s Never Too Late To Say You Care

Once more, the mind is darkened with new uncertainties. Even so, we are back to our old ways - except for an unexplainable attachment to gadgets after the pandemic. For many of us, it seems like we have entered a never-ending loop-loop of addiction, loneliness, fear and helplessness. When I sit and ponder upon the …

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Why Do I Write?

Since I have joined WP blogging community, I have come across innumerable posts about blogging-related advice. Expert bloggers have shared their precious insights related to the blogging world that I might have given a miss in general. Every time I click on such posts, my mind engulfs with a few prominent cross-examinations of my intent-What …

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Are You Experiencing Psychological Pain?

While travelling towards our set destination each passing day, we encounter numerous people walking down the street or during our train or bus ride. Each one manifests a mixture of feelings. For roads have been able to accommodate complex emotions for ages. It has constantly shown a colossal capability to soak in whatever people have …

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The Essence of Human Touch: Does It Matter So Much?

Touch has a unique language of its own, to communicate our emotions which cannot be expressed in words always. A touch conveys loud and clear whether it's love, care, anger, disgust, repulsion-everything! It helps us to express ourselves in our own ways-it could be a simple hug to our parents, to our child, a peck …

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