Forgiven Sinner-A Poem

Wondering about your whereabouts
Where you might be, rings in my ear aloud
For silence before thunder is well known
Running away from frenzied past
Floods thoughts with turmoil unbridled 
For I ponder if you have changed
Changed to be a better soul 
Or still, frozen in the past?
To take revenge for the dare 
Slipping away are days and months
Year also flew by without a clue
No buzz ever heard around
For silence before thunder who doesn’t know?
Such thought gives a shiver 
Shiver down the spine to bleed
Sitting in the corner 
Corner of the room frozen
Frozen in the times you sinned
Unable to fathom your sins
Helpless for I failed 
Failed to turn beast into a prince
Along shattered my belief
There is good in every creature you see!

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Best Wishes,
Pallavi Sahu


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