Emptiness- A Poem

Void in my heart echoes the deserted look
Night engulfs in its arms
Waves of scars and wounds so intense arise
When street wraps itself in mournful gloom
Bearing a gaze of stealth & grim
Bird-of-night stares from afar
When the sun shines bright
Nobody could peep into affliction I bear
With disguise so fine-happy smiling face of mine
For I endured my pain with grace
Yet hidden turbulence is also mine
When the sun shines bright
Chirping birds, ringing bells, honking vehicles
And swirls of laughter make it alive
The same street transforms into a world of darkness
Wearing the blanket of mysterious solitude
When not a soul ramble around
When street wears a deserted look
Emptiness in my heart comes alive
Dancing to the tune of darkness so profound
Where silence screams
Where darkness shines
Where loyalty cries
Where infidelity wins and
Where love defeats
A void so deep can only be filled
When a magician touches his wand
To tap the soul to transform
Transform into a being who is deeply loved and
Cared for till eternity defined.

Best Wishes

Pallavi Sahu

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About the Author- 

She is a Child and Adolescent Rehabilitation Psychologist with an experience of over 14 years in the field of Mental Health (Rehabilitation Council of India Licensed Professional). She writes about various aspects related to mental health and more @ pausementalwellnessstudio founded by her. She is M.Phil. in Rehabilitation Psychology. She is also trained in remedial intervention, PREP, and COGENT Programs. She has four Publications to her name. She started her career as a Probation Officer at Observation Home for Boys in a Juvenile Aid Centre. Since then, she has served as a psychologist in various settings. Presently, she is working as a health and wellness expert at St Peter’s High School. She is the founder of Locus-Psychology & Education.

She is better known as an expert in dealing with specific learning disabilities, behavioural problems, and emotional issues of children and adolescents. She has expertise in the area of counselling, psychotherapy, and specific learning disorder.


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