A Poem

Heart pounding fast
Tears flowing non stop
Panic and unease on top
Why did you go away?
If I may ask

You whispered in my ear
Language of love I fear
Shall I shall I not
Were my thoughts

Risk was taken
To give love a chance
Unaware to be shaken in a glance
Why did you deceive me?
If I may ask

We were enough for each other
To complete us
To define our existence
To give meaning to our life
That is what I thought!
Why did you play a game?
If I may ask

Long treasured belief
"Everyone is good"
Was such a relief
Long held conviction was shaken
Why made me question my credence?
If I may ask

You gave jewels of
Treachery, dishonesty, deception
To name a few
Lesson well learnt was due

You forgot who am I
Still as resilient as a sky
Broken and defeated, I promise
I will soar
I will soar high


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