Wrath of Anger

I see madness, madness in your eyes
Eyes filled with rage, the rage I never wish to encounter
I am frightened, frightened  of the consequences
I will be hurt one more time
One more time left to cry alone
Hushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhh
Don’t speak, don’t show your tears
Others will find out
Façade of the happy family will be exposed
Exposed will be your false pride

This rage and aggression - any purpose does it serve?
Other than destruction damage so profound
Respect is lost gone is the warmth 
What should I do with my damaged soul?
How can you explain your explanation for violence?
You said you were angry because I failed to obey  your commands
Out of the burst of anger, you slapped and pushed  to teach me a lesson
Yes, I learned a lesson- a lesson not to be a victim anymore
What an explanation given-can you explain your explanation, please?
Who gave you the right god? Your parents? My parents? 
Your family? Your friends? Society? or have I permitted you?
Yes, my silence might have permitted a wife beater in you

Now, I will speak I will speak to convey to those who feel 
They have a birthright to hit and abuse a woman
Because they are born a man
Be a man who respects a woman for who she is
Time to reflect time to change your glasses
To look at a woman from a new perspective has reached
The world is changing so does our society 
Women are not left behind anymore
Why are you still behind in your perception of a woman?
She has a voice don’t take her silence as her weakness
A voice that counts, a voice that matters
A woman is not an object 
To be thrown when you are bursting with anger
To be burnt when you are burning with rage
To be slapped and pushed when you fail to drive your aggression away

Take a break from your wrath
If you cannot regulate your emotions-let others help you
Family, friends, professionals
Learn to respect a woman 
If a woman can give birth- she can bury too
Bury her soul to let the light come from within

Before you raise your abusive voice and hand
Next time on a woman
Think and think again
What if a woman also starts looking through your glasses?
Chaos and  more chaos will be the consequences
No explanation can ever justify brutality
Your anger cannot explain the mishandling
No justification is enough for violence 
Violence again woman need to stop
Stop the brutality-Raise your voice


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